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  • Provides emergency grip to prevent your vehicles tires from spinning when stuck in snow, mud or sand. Simply place escaper under your wheels. 
  • ★ A must have automotive safety accessory to keep on board for all vehicles. Great for off-road beach or desert use. Good tool to keep handy. 
  • ★ No installation required, making it easier and safer to use than winter snow chains. Rolls Up For Easy Storage in Nylon Carry Bag. 
  • ★ Lightweight and easy to store and clean. Great to keep in the trunk. Perfect for any car, truck, sedan, jeep, SUV, RV, Camper, Camping Trailer, or ATV. 
  • ★ Made of High Strength Rubber tread with a Galvanized Steel Core, friction traks are nearly indestructible and can be used over and over again. 31.5" x 8.5".