About Us

About Us

Founded in 1993 by an Emirati visionary with a profound passion for the outdoors and automobiles, our journey began at a time when 4x4 car supplies, parts, and tools were exceedingly scarce. Driven by a profound enthusiasm for outdoor adventures and a discerning eye for quality, he meticulously curated and personally imported products into the UAE.

Our mission extended beyond customer satisfaction; we aimed to provide innovative solutions for 4x4 vehicles, making them rugged and well-equipped for the challenges of offroad exploration.

DUBAI 4WD has been a trusted provider of top-tier parts, tools, and equipment, serving a diverse clientele, including the UAE and US military, WFP, UN, and GCC communities.

Our inventory boasts a wide range of premium products and accessories sourced from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan. This diversity allows us to cater to the preferences of both local and expatriate clientele. We are committed to ensuring a seamless shopping experience, offering in-person visits to our showroom at Al Aweer Used Car Complex, as well as the convenience of online ordering with doorstep delivery.

Our emblem, the resolute camel, reflects our heritage and ethos. In an era when camels were the primary mode of transportation in the Gulf Sea region, they epitomized resilience and endurance against the harshest of elements. Likewise, we embrace these values, showcasing a dedication to professionalism, respect, and integrity in tackling every challenge within the 4x4 offroad accessories world.