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  • Expanded full length: 40cm
  • Kneading width: 10cm
  • Shovel length: 12.5cm
  • Long: 11cm
  • Net weight: 0.35kg
  • Packing size: 11*17cm
  • Equipped with a portable camouflage jacket that can be hung on the waist (designed to be reasonable, small in size and easy to carry, scientific design of the bayonet)
  • Features: A variety of uses, very suitable for camping, tenting, hiking, adventure, tourism, finishing home gardens, scientific research and other outdoor activities, a good helper, with 锹, 镐, saw, nail trough and other functions.
  • Features: Can be folded, small size, easy to carry. After the expansion, the head is a shovel and the head is a shovel. It can be bent, foldable, and the handle can be horizontal and vertical. It is a product for outdoor camping activities.